Explore our resources on Latin Americans in the UK. This repository serves as a knowledge hub, offering a range of materials that delve into the contributions and challenges confronting the Latin American community within the United Kingdom.

Delve into academic research, articles, and analyses that illuminate the intricate connection between identity, migration, and integration. This compilation aims to not only bolster our communities but also to engage the broader audience, fostering a heightened public understanding of the unique needs and aspirations of Latin Americans. By doing so, we aim to pave new avenues for further research and advance our collective pursuit of social justice.


No Longer Invisible

(McIlwaine et. al, 2011)

Invisible Workforce

– –

Towards Visibility

(McIlwaine & Bunge, 2016)

Other resources / Access to Health

Health Watch Southwark Community Focus Group Findings and Recommendations
CLAUK’s response to Healthwatch Haringey Consultation, 2013
CLAUK’s response to the “Sustaining services, ensuring fairness” Consultation from the Department of Health, 2013
CLAUK’s response to the South London Healthcare Trust consultation, 2012

Other resources / Labour rights

The Invisible Workforce: Employment Practices in the Cleaning Sector

EHRC Report

Conozca sus Derechos Laborales

Guía en español y portugués

Media coverage summary

On Latin Americans in the UK