All Latin American communities, together and thriving

Together, we raise awareness and understanding of the issues facing Latin American communities in the UK, providing a collective voice and representing the collective interests of people from these communities


Over the last 10 years, CLAUK has campaigned for the official recognition of Latin Americans as an ethnic minority in the UK, and for Spanish and Portuguese to be recognised as community languages.

Living with dignity

We want all Latin Americans to thrive and lead fulfilling lives with dignity. To that aim, we raise awareness that a high proportion of people from Latin American communities have been living in financial precarity in the UK.

Rights & civic engagement

We want to enable our underrepresented communities to become visible, active citizens by exercising their right to participate in civil society.


CLAUK is a coalition of ‘led by and for’ Latin American organisations from the voluntary sector raising awareness of the issues affecting Latin American communities, amplifying our collective voice, and campaigning for positive change in the most urgent areas.
Membership is free and we are open to hearing from your organisation.

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