CLAUK’s Response to the HIV Commission call for written evidence

In 2014, CLAUK launched its ‘Let’s Stop HIV’ campaign in partnership with the Naz Latina project of Naz Project London (now NPL). The campaign was carried out as part of our joint work towards improving Latin Americans access to health services. The campaign aimed to raise awareness about HIV prevention and early detection in the Latin American community, promote safe sexual practices, HIV testing and access to NHS services through workshops, community events, leaflets, condom distribution, press articles, social media, and a graphic campaign in community languages (Spanish and Portuguese). Informative workshops were delivered throughout London and targeted heterosexual men and women. We also carried out outreach to community areas, partnered with health professionals and public services, and run rapid HIV testing in the community.

This response is largely based on the evidence gathered through CLAUK’s ‘Let’s Stop HIV’ campaign report1 , as well as on the latest academic research and official reports. CLAUK welcomes the opportunity brought by this consultation to bring attention to the need and opportunities to stop HIV in the Latin American community

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