Lambeth Council Recognises Latin Americans

In November 2013, CLAUK led a deputation to Lambeth Assembly and presented the case of the local community, highlighting not only the struggles of the local community organisations, but also the presence and contribution of the many cultural and commercial initiatives of Lambeth’s Latin Americans. Following this deputation, Lambeth Council announced the official recognition of Latin Americans as an ethnic group.

[testimonial author=” Councillor Lorna Campbell, Lambeth Council”]”Latin Americans have been making their home in Lambeth for some time, building communities and contributing to the borough. As a cooperative council, we want to work closely with all our communities to understand their needs and support them in achieving their aspiration”.[/testimonial]

The largest Latin American population in the UK is in South London. 14% in Lambeth, where Brazilians alone are in the top 10 nationalities, and 15% in Southwark. Southwark Council had already recognised the community in 2012.

Latin Americans residing in Lambeth rely greatly on the services and support of Latin American community organisations, due to the language barrier, lack of access to information and limited understanding of the local system. This recognition will bring visibility to the community, allow service providers to identify the needs of Latin Americans, and foster the inclusion of the community at every level. We continue working with Lambeth Council to facilitate the implementation process and to open spaces for our community to speak up.