Latin Americans, Let’s Vote! – Campaign Launch

London elections 2016: Mayor of London and London Assembly
CLAUK launched the ‘Latin Americans, Let’s Vote!‘ campaign with an event for the Latin American community at London City Hall, which was co-organised with the Mayoral Office. The event was attended by the 14 member organisations that make up CLAUK, other organisations and cultural groups working with the community, a recently formed youth group of Latin American women called “No Limits”, and GLA officials.
The Latin American community is one of London’s fastest growing BAME groups. In 2008, our community was made of over 1113,500 people. Additionally, in we have seen a rapid increase during the last few years of people coming from Spain, Portugal and Italy, escaping the economic crisis. Most UK Latin Americans are residing in London (61%), and most have the right to vote in the next elections (at least 45% have either UK or EU nationality), according to the latest report from Queen Mary University (No Longer Invisible).
‘Latin Americans, Let’s Vote!” will promote voter registration in the Latin American community until the set deadline in April 2016 and generate greater participation in the London 2016 elections. The campaign will also partner with other communities to organise hustings debates for migrants and BAME groups, and engage with candidates to bring the issues affecting the community to their attention.
Our poster campaign will be displayed in our 14 member organisations throughout London, and disseminated through community press and social media. We will also run workshops and give talks at various events, and register as many Latin Americans as possible!
  • Information about the elections
  • The work of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.
  • Why it is important to vote
  • Who has the rigth to vote
  • Where and how to vote.

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